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Mobile broadband, o2 customer service and returns policies

Well after a weeks illness and traveling related absence from the blog, I am back. Back with a few bits to update on. 


The first is that on a visit home to Wrexham and Llangollen, I attempted to see if any of the networks would work in either town. After asking round the various networks only Orange suggested that theirs would work in Llangollen. This is not surprising as reception in Llangollen is notoriously bad. Anyway, what alarmed me was on quizzing the shop assistant who had worked there some years, she tried to claim that 8Mbs would be achieved on the 2g network, no, no, no. Anyway, after going to a different shop they told me that Llangollen should receive the 3g signal. However, they hadn’t bargained for the 8 foot thick walls my house has, suffice to say it didn’t work on the 3g network.


Another issue I had with Orange is that they only allow a 7 day period return of the modem. It would appear that T-Mobile have a slightly unsure return policy as well.  This is in stark contrast to Vodafone, o2 and 3 who all 14-day returns policy on all products as long as they have all packaging and aren’t damaged. So exercise caution when dealing with Orange and T-Mobile because you haven’t got long to make your mind up. Particularly worrying if you are mis-sold something.


As a final point on the mobile broadband. I also had some issues with the Icon 225 being compatible with my Mac. It seemed difficult to tell whether it was working at its full ability on it. I phoned customer services (at 8pm, not a great time to call) and got passed to technical support. Apparently the guy I was talking to was level 2. He basically couldn’t help. He was going to pass me to level 3, the highest, as they should be able to deal with Mac issues. Anyway, half of the level 3 staff were on their break meaning that there were only two level 3 staff on the phones. i.e. Only  four level 3 staff were working! So I would have had to wait some time. Suffice to say I asked him to leave notes on my account and said I would call back the next day.


Finally, popped into 02 thinking they could quickly and easily check if the insurance had been taken off my iPhone by customer services. “Can’t check that mate, only customer services can see that.” Well what the hell can you do????? I mean honestly while at Vodafone I was always told we did so much more in store than other networks, but honestly…… They can’t even check if insurance has been taken off your account!


Vodafone wireless router

In January Vodafone enterprise are to release a wireless router for their mobile broadband modems. This will mean that multiple users will be able to use one modem to access the internet. I’m not entirely sure what consequences this will have for internet speeds, they will certainly slow, the question is how much. It also means that the usage allowance will get used up much more quickly. Added to that it could well make it difficult to keep a check on how near the usage limits you are (as it will possibly tell you the readings for each individual computer using the wireless router rather than total usage). Unfortunately this is all conjecture at the moment, but points well worth making all the same.

 Other than the description available on the website, the most I can get about the router is that, “The B970 (the name of the router) is an HSDPA 7.2Mbps and HSUPA 2.1Mbps wireless gateway which supports GSM850/900/1800/1900 networks, providing telephony services and multiple user experiences through WiFi connectivity.”  For those not sure on what the terms are referring to, HSDPA refers to download speeds, while HSUPA refers to upload speeds. Well essentially anyway. I would apologise for the wikipedia links, but I’m not going to, it does the job well.


Another point worth mentioning is that since the device is through Vodafone enterprise, it would probably have to be special requested by a store in order to get it in stock.