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Blackberry Storm Mac synching and G1 synching

I am essentially quoting someone else’s blog (which I am trying not to do on this blog hence linking to reviews rather than repeating them), but it has been pointed out/reminded to me that Blackberry phones are useless sodding devices. Well, no thats not entirely fair.


I just say this as they simply don’t work with macs. As for the new Blackberry storm, to quote Stephen Fry, “Incidentally, if you are a Mac user it seems that RIM, Verizon and Vodafone would prefer that you didn’t buy this phone. Updates are achieved, not Over The Air, but online via the desktop only through the Windows version of BlackBerry Tools or by downloading a Windows executable file using Internet Explorer only. There is no Mac or OTA alternative. That is also true of the Bold. Oh well. At least Vodafone offers an option whereby you can drop off a phone for upgrade at one of their stores. Though after you’ve spent a few days with the blasted thing, an option whereby you can drop it off one their roofs for destruction will strike you as preferable.”


A second (and an update to this blog) issue I have come across. Again this is from Mr Fry’s blog, is that there are some pretty big issues synching a G1 with a PC or Mac. To quote, “You cannot sync the G1 with your PC or Mac – your music files have either to be downloaded OTA (your best bet may be Amazon’s DRM-free collection) or copied from your computer onto a MicroSD card that is then inserted in the G1. Cumbersome and disappointing.”