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Spotify mobile app

It has been known for some time that Spotify were working on a mobile app, and they have finally demo’d it.

The verdict? Frankly it looks absolutely outstanding. The fact that you would be able to load the songs you want to listen to while you have signal is an amazing feature, allowing you to continue listening even when out of signal or on a slow 2G connection.

An interesting point is that they have choosen to demo the application on the android platform, rather than an iPhone. This would seem to suggest that Apple are reluctant to authorise a version of the application for the App store, fearful of the ramifactions for their iTunes sales. It is even more poignant given that the laptop used in the demonstration video is a Macbook.


32 gigabyte iPhone

It’s pretty expected, but it seems to have been revealed (accidentally) that Apple will be releasing a 32gb iPhone. A few networks seem to have ‘accidentally’ published coming soon images of the 32gb iPhone. Unfortunately the images have now been taken down, but Stuff managed to get a screenshot of them before they were taken down.

More importantly it should be noted that a few networks have revealed this. That would seem confirm that the exclusive agreements will be coming to an end, which is excellent news.

Vodafone drop Summer roaming charges

Vodafone have recently announced they plan to drop their roaming charges for the Summer. To put into context this only applies for countries which were already on Vodafone Passport, meaning you won’y get charged the 75p connection fee for every call as you would have previously in those countries that are included in the Passport. This is still a great saving, 75p per call soon adds up.

Having said that as always terms and conditions apply. The offer is only available between June 1st and August 31st. After that it will be back to the usual Passport charges of 75p to make or receive a call. I would also be pretty certain that you still have to be on Vodafone’s partner network in the country you are in, otherwise it will be back to very expensive call rates. Be warned.

Vodafone set to return to Carphone Warehouse

The Guardian reports that Vodafone are set to reconsider their exclusive deal with Phone4U and return to the Carphone Warehouse. Quite why they made the exclusive deal in the first place was beyond most staff in Vodafone stores. Phones4U were seen as the worst non-network retailer, who caused the most problems for Vodafone stores. So if Vodafone were going to pull out of all but one of the independents, Phones4U was the last that Vodafone staff were hoping for.

What is interesting about this article from the Guardian is when they note that Vodafone’s figures are scewed and they are actually still increasing their number of contract customers.

“Vodafone’s UK results were skewed by its new boss, Guy Laurence, deciding to stop counting the 310,000 SIM cards found in mechanical devices such as vending machines from its figures. Stripping these out, it actually gained 179,000 contract users over the three months to end March.”

This actually means that despite gloom and doom and wanting to get back into bed with Carphone Warehouse things can’t really be all that bad. If, as most believe, the iPhone becomes available on all networks come July, then things really wouldn’t be that bad at all. Begging the question, why not get out of Phones4U and don’t go back to Carphone Warehouse?

The Guardian article also adds:
“But it has still been losing out in the pre-pay market, where its history as the provider of choice for business customers has given it a tarnished image with cash-strapped consumers. “We have had a perception of being more expensive in the UK, which is not fully deserved to be honest,” admitted Colao.”
Both points are true, but it would seem that Vodafone’s latest prepay freedom offers could seriously change that perception. Particularly given the large advertising campaign accompanying it.

Is that a hot-spot in your pocket or are you pleased to see me?

An incredibly technology has been developed which is essentially a portable wifi hotspot. Named the mifi, it is essentially a card aout 3 times as thick as a credit card that provides a personal 30-feet wifi cloud wherever you roam. Unsurprisingly you must have 3G signal for it to work but that’s about the only catch.

Well the only catch other than the fact that you have something in your pocket that is constantly emitting a signal around you as well as your phone. But I’m sure that’s not an issue.

Seriously this is an increibly impressive technology and I for one cannot wait for it to hit our shores. It would certainyl be prefereable to have portable wifi rather than those slightly irratating 3G dongles.