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iPhone 3.0 software

Any iPhone update is always a very exciting moment, but there are distinct limits to the update that was announced this week. What I found more astounding is the level of excitement surrounding the announcement of features that really should have been on the iPhone from the start. Selah.

A first point to make is that finally we have bluetooth, copy and paste,  MMS and a landscape keyboard. Great. But where, o where I ask is the video record function? If jailbroken iPhones can do it then why can’t Apple? The push notifications functionality should be great, although I am a little concerned about how you stop notifications. I really don’t want to get a notification from every application I have on my iPhone for every little thing. Further to this, I definitely do want a notification for new emails, so hopefully Apple will get this right.

The spotlight feature should be excellent if it as reliable and easy to use as spotlight on macs. I am tad concerned about the turn-by-turn maps ability. Given there is no agreement with Google in place then developers will have to have their own maps and this is not going to be a freebie. I like freebies, and am very much accustomed to them given the amount of great software there is that is free in the app store.So hopefully some nice developer out there will find a way of making a turn-by-turn satnav free.

The voice record application from apple looks like nothing new, there are lots of voice recorders on the app store already. What I really want as a journalist is a voice recorder that will record conversations I have when calling people. This is can only be done with an apple app as it would have to run alongside a phone call, so please Apple make this a function!

The final issue I find exciting, very exciting as a student journalist, is the increased subscription possibilities. The ability to subscribe to something while in an app, rather than having to go back to the app store, could be revolutionary. This could be a huge step for selling content on iPhones as it would make it so easy to buy. Imagine the situation that you are on the bus home and want to read something, so you quite simply go onto your iphone and through an easy to use app download this months magazine or todays newspaper. The idea of iTunes and the iPhone being used for publishers has been considered in some depth by Tim Holmes on his magblog, and I think this new subscription update could push the idea a lot further.