Is the mobile phone industry recession proof, and Vodafone returns

Finally got some answers from old colleages about whether targets and sales were bigger than last year. Which I asked to get some indication of whether the mobile phone industry is recession proof. Also got an update on Vodafone’s returns policy.

Both targets and profits are actually bigger than last year, suggesting my thesis was right and mobile phones won’t really be affected by the recession. Well at least in simple terms of people continuing to buy them, I won’t try and get my head round more complex recession issues. We seem to have an insatiable appetite for the latest phones, regardless of the economic climate. Although I should point out this is feedback from one store so it is possible (although unlikely) that they are doing really well and are a one off store. I doubt this, but worth pointing out.

On Vodafone’s return policy they have got a lot stricter and really push to only exchange within 14 days, not return. This is the case even on mobile broadband devices, which is a stupid policy. I guess understandable given what it must cost, but a bad policy. The store I spoke to says if people insist then they will allow a return, especially if it’s due to bad signal where being used most. I got the impression this varies store by store, so can only advise checking all terms and conditions for a return before signing on the dotted line. By check I mean really check every detail of how any network may try and prevent you returning.

As a final note I am told Vodafone’s pay as you go mobile broadband is now £39 for the device including 1gb of browsing.


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