Vodafone’s head of corporate communications vision of the future

At the end of November I received a lecture from Simon Lewis, Head of Corporate Communications for Vodafone. I asked him where he saw mobile phone technologies going in the future and thought his response was worth sharing.


He thought that mobile phones had the greatest potential in developing countries, as the flexibility they can offer could be very important. He suggested that mobile phones could, and would have the ability to fil in for the infrastructure that doesn’t exist in those countries. An example he used that is already taking place is in India where mobile phones are being used to transfer money, replacing the need for banks.


A second example he mentioned was that in Kenya where software for mobile phones has been developed that allows fish farmers to know fish prices while out at sea. This allows them to catch certain fish and know prices that they should be getting when returning to shore to sell the fish.


In all Simon Lewis was very optimistic of mobile phones having an increasingly important role in the future. But then he would be I guess.


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