Simple phones for technophobes, elderly people and the disabled

I was asked for some advice earlier on today as to which (cheap) phone might be good for an elder person. This left me realising that in my time working in a phone shop this was probably the question I was asked most. It even made me recall that when Vodafone branded a handset the Simply, it sold incredibly well, despite being one of the most confusing phones I have ever come across.


My response to this almost every time was to advise a low level Nokia such as the Nokia 1208  or Nokia 2630. The 1208 is the simpler phone as it doesn’t have a camera, but it also doesn’t have bluetooth which is a feature many want. Realistically even the biggest technophobe would probably be okay with any of the Nokia range beginning with 1-6 (i.e. 6300 or 5110) as these all have the more simple menu layout. It is probably best to go with the simplest model with the longest battery life, and in my opinion that means the Nokia 1208 every time. The menu is really easy to use, the battery should last a minimum of 3 days even if used a reasonable amount, and finally most people have used the simple Nokia menu so shouldn’t be too troubled by it.


As a final note on this front. For anyone that is looking for a handset for a disabled person there are phones out there specifically designed for disabled people. The only site I could easily find that sold them was MatobMobile. They sell a range of handset from those with very large buttons to others that only have a 6 buttons which you can set for each number to be set to a certain person. Many of the handsets also have a preset emergency button which can also be programmed to a set number. For a period the store I worked in had some of these handsets in stock and they seemed to work pretty well, however, I should stress I didn’t really roadtest them, so can only advise from using a few for 5 minutes or so.


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