Orange mobile broadband returns

Time for me to dint Orange’s reputation a little more. In a recent post I mentioned that I had tried out Orange’s mobile broadband, and it had not has signal where I needed it.


Before taking the modem out  had asked all the questions to check I would be able to return the modem if it didn’t get signal where I needed to use it. Yes, no problem as long as it is returned within 7 days. I checked this with two different staff in two different shops. I checked in a second shop as the assistant in the first shop had not been very knowledgeable (again see earlier post). 


So when it came to returning the modem, I assumed there would be no problems. Well, in fact, I assumed there would be problems, just because there always is. So I went into the store where I had first enquired about the device. I explained I couldn’t get signal where I needed to use it, at my home address in Llangollen. They then tried to claim that Orange policy stated that you could only return the modem if it didn’t work at the address they had for you, i.e. the address you provided for the credit check. For the credit check I had provided my Wrexham address, which had fine signal. 


In fairness the staff did get the modem returned for me, without much argument on my part. They did have to get this return okayed by their manager as they weren’t abiding by normal company policy. I was even told that I was a one off case.


The thing that I have the issue with, is that mobile broadband, is meant to be MOBILE. So why should the company policy be that it can only be returned if you don’t get signal at your home address. If you don’t get decent signal where it is going to be used mostly while on the move, it’s still no good for you and should be returnable.


 Also what if they don’t bargain for the 8 foot walls that I have in my Llangollen house. They did try and claim the signal would be fine for 3G at this house, but (presumably because of the walls) it was not. They would try and prevent you returning this device, as they wouldn’t account for thick walls. 


Another factor to be considered is that coverage maps are notoriously un-reliable and un-accurate. So to try and prevent a product being returned on the basis of a coverage map is nonsense.


A final point is that they told me that once you found you couldn’t get signal in order to return the device, you have to not make any further use of it. So if my device had more than a few megs of usage they wouldn’t let me return it. This is ridiculous again as if you want to check the device out at several locations then you would have to make higher use of the device than allowed. Also given that you have to pay for the percentage of the month that you have the device (so around £3.50 for 7 days), it should be yours to use as you please.


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