The joys of modern technology

Well, it had to happen at some time, my first rant about something. Unsurprisingly it is not something to do with real mobile phone news of any kind, nor a particularly annoying feature on a handset, well actually it is kind of a feature on a handset.


It is about the nasty little buggers surrounding me on this train who are playing music through their mobile phone speaker. I mean really, I don’t want to hear your dammed hardhouse  nor your equally erksome techno, and I suspect that no one else on this train wants to.  At least have some self-respect and stop dancing to the crappy music being played at very low quality through a low level Sony Ericsson W350. Before anyone suggests I mean merely a moaning oldie or anything like that, I would like to point out that I am a tender 22-years. To the best of my memory I have never played music through the speaker of my phone except when in more ‘private’ circumstances.  


I guess this would be an interesting way of testing the quality of mobile phone speakers. Give some nasty little chavs one for a train journey and see how they perform in pissing off other passengers. 




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