The first of many Mobile Phone News entries

Hello World,

Well in the firm interests of getting the news out there as soon as you can, I am afraid my first blog may not be a literate masterpiece. Although I’m not sure any blog on mobile phones needs to be a literate masterpiece, I think it’s always nice.


So first off I will offer you some ‘breaking news’ from ‘some of my people on the ground’ (said tongue in check, some staff from varying networks are letting me know problems they are having, which is why i may have some access that hopefully other mobile blogs may not). The first bit of news is that Vodafone are having problems meeting demand for their exclusive BlackBerry Storm. I believe this issues may have been rectified as of today, but was told about a week ago that they would not have any more in stock until December. This leads me on to mentioning that they Vodafone are having a rather large number of the BlackBerry Storm returned. Customers are finding that the battery life is rather poor and also that general usability is just rather poor.


Next lot of news is also Vodafone related (prizes to anyone who can guess what network I use to work for), in around 2 weeks they will at last be launching their own proper mobile broadband on pay-as-you-go (payt). It will only be on the 3.6 Mega Byte Per Second (Mbs) modem. The modem will cost £49 and will come with a £15 top up included. The pricing will be £15 for a Gigabyte (Gb) of useage, with no time limit on when the Gb must be used by. This seems a little expensive when one considers that if you have a contract £15 a month gets you 3Gb of useage. Also when the payt is compared to the rates of T-Mobile and 3 it looks particularly expensive. One perk that should be pointed out is that if the top-up really doesn’t expire then it could be very useful customers who will not be using it very often. 


I have also been told that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and Samsung Omnia are being returned left, right and also from the centre with all sorts of problems. The main issues with both handsets are software problems.


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